Catch 22

The Italian job

Early 2018 we are contacted by Aiventure Ltd, specialized in the restauration of big warbirds (DC3, B25, Catalina, Ju-52…) and provider of aeronautical hadrware for the cinema industry. George Clooney was going to produce a remake of Catch 22 (in fact a mini-serie in 6 episodes) and they needed a B-25 to shoot the interior scenes. 

We agreed to rent the fuselage airframe, the renting being mostly paid by all the parts that will be bought to have the fuselage complete enough for the film and that will be the property of the association after the filming.

Because the filming was to start in april 2018 at Cincecitta, and the airframe had to be there before this date, we had to rush to finish preparing the airframe and the transport frames. A huge task that was completed in time thanks to the dedication of the team.

The B-25 fuselage was transported to Cincinatti where an Airventure's team performed some repairs and installed the equipment purchased. 

The B-25 was back at the BAPA's workshop at the end of september 2018.

This new filming helped a lot in boosting the restoration work, especially the huge preparation work that has been performed and all the parts that were purchased to complete de airframe.

Once back in Gembloux the restoration  work continued and the cinema mockup (like the radio rack)  removed.  

Above: a lot of work has been done to have the airframe, and many others parts (like, here above, the instrument panel) ready before its departure to Cinecitta
Above: those two pictures give an idea of how the airframe has been used during the filming. Note that a false center section has been added at the back of the cockpit and the turret cupola has no opening for the guns.
Above: Some B-25 went from the USA to participate to the filming, we see here  N898BW "Axis Nightmare " wearing the decoration of "Yankee Doodle".
At right: the B-25 airframe back at Gembloux still wearing the  "Yankee Doodle" decoration.