Slingsby T-38 Grasshopper Project 

This is a semi-static restoration. This aircraft will be used to make discover the basic principles of aviation and the moving parts controls of an aircraft. It will be fully operational and placed on his tripod but will not fly again to avoid any damage.
This donation was made by Andre Dillien
2013 - Donation of 2 exemplars of T-38 Grashopper 
Spring 2014 - Cleaning and restoration of wings
Spring 2015 - Cleaning of the elevator and ailerons and new varnishing
These parts were in good condition and did not require a lot of work
At first both wings appeared to be in good condition, just in need of a good cleaning.  
It was a misleading impression.
2015 - Restoration of the stabilizer
This part was in relatively good condition but the cleaning required complete disassembly of the stabilizer. In addition the central structure was rotten and had to be completely rebuilt. All gussets have been replaced. The new gussets were laser cut.
2015 - we start removing and replacing the gussets.
Complete disassembly of the stabilizer was long and tedious, but with this, more than 80% of the parts could be saved
Gussets were badly distorted by humidity and remained attached to the ribs only thanks to the paint and the dirt. Once the paint was striped, there were just falling off.
The wood of the main structure was completely rotten. Insect nests have been found in the voids of the structure. The rudder has been completely dismantled and its structure has been rebuilt. Only 25% of the original parts could be reused.
Spring and summer 2016 - The heavily damaged rudder is rebuilt
The rear fuselage was very dirty but sound, only a few gussets and a delaminated wood section had to be replaced. Partial disassembly was required to properly refurbish the structure.
Autumn 2016 - Restoration of the rear fuselage
2016 - Reconstruction of contless damaged wing ribs
Winter 2016-2017 - Restoration of cables, metal parts and accessories
Once the ribs have been repaired, the trailing edges is rebuilt
2017 - leading edge and right wing root are repaired. Cables and pulleys are refurbished
The front fuselage required a good cleaning of the wood. The two fuselage sections have then been reassembled and varnished. Cables, metal parts and accessories have been reinstalled afterwards.
2017 -  Restoration of the front fuselage
August 2017 - wings and fuselage are mated for the first time
It allowed to identify the precise location of some components. We checked at the same time the proper position of the right wing attachment following the wing root reparation.
Autumn 2017 - the wings are varnished
August and autumn 2017 - rudder, stabilizer and elevator are installed and checked.
It allowed to place and adjust the wing cables correctly. During this assembly all the controls were tested and were operational. Everything is ready for the fabric covering. 
Only a small metal part, already repaired after the first assembly, does not take place correctly again. It will have to be replaced.
May - June 2018 - last repairs on the leading edge
June 2018 - wings and fuselage are mated for the second time
The fabric covering is made with Diatex (c). Small moving parts are used to  learn the technique.

First lesson, the instructions for glue and solvent do not seem to be suitable for this project. New dilutions need to be developed.
July 2018 - fabric covering of the rudder, stabilizer, elevator and ailerons
The next steps are: Fabric covering. Temperature are now too low to continue de fabric covering of wings. It should be completed for 2019
                             New tripod to manufacture
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