HM-290 OO-04 Project 

In BAPA's collection, there is already an HM-290 in flying condition and an HM-14 in static condition. This particular HM-290 wasn't complete when recovered and the intention is not to put in flying condition. Many parts are missing. It will be completely rebuild for static display and the wings will not be fabric covered to show the wing structure.
It start with the manufacture of all the missing bits and pieces.
Summer 2017 - Work starts 
Automn 2017 - New dashboard
Using drawings and pictures provided with this HM-290, a dashboard has been manufactured.
In fact, its the complete engine mounting and the engine cover that had to be manufactured.
Winter 2017 - Engine cover
In october 2018, the winws support are rebuild and installed on de HM290. 
October 2018 - Wings 
New fabric covering for the wing tips and printing of the registration number. 
Adjustment and painting of the cover
November 2018 - Wings 
Finalization of the restoration and installation of a new propeller.

This new propeller is the latest made by Poncelet
November 2018 - Wings 
The restoration completed!
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