Follow the BAPA adventures!
Follow the evolution of our restoration projects and events followed or organized by the BAPA. Live the challenges that have been rased year after year as well as the funnies of our members.
Newsletter #1 edition of december 2016
Language: French
First Step Of BAPA
BAPA expose itself
Presentation of Website
Presentation of the Facebook page
Scale models for sale
Open doors of September, 17 2016
Project Sablier-Chanute:  state of progress
Project Slingsby T-38 Grasshopper: state of progress
Project HM-14: Finalisation
Project B-25 Mitchell
     Knowhow acquisition of Solidworks
     Purchase of B-25 Original drawings
project Tipsy Trainer; state of progress
Donations during 2016
Newsletter #2 edition of July 2017
Language: French
In memoriam André Dillien
New parts for B-25 Mitchell
Tipsy Trainer Project Evolution
Max William 29 « Jeunesse » Project Evolution
Slingsby T-38 Grasshopper Project Evolution
T3 Dagling (Zögling RI a) Start Restoration
The Zögling Designer
Weapons too expensive, the BAPA replica
Dawn Patrol
A BAPA humor
Newsletter #3 edition of December 2017
Language: French
Le Challenge de Lantin
Our B-25 Story
The Lantin Challenge
Button on the Noze
Pou du Ciel HM290 OO-04
Slingsby T-38 Grasshopper Project Evolution
Tipsy Trainer Project Evolution
Open Doors 2017
Open Doors 2017: Flight over a cuckoo's nest
Make place for children
Acquisitions 2017
Funny page
Newsletter #4 edition of June 2018
Language: French
Le Départ du B-25
The Origins of Our B-25J
The Leaving of the B-25
Zögling Project Evolution
New Web Site
The red devlils visiting the BAPA
Silence! Action!
Aeronautical market of the BAPA in Temploux
Meeting of  the "Accros du Servo"
Funny page
Newsletter #5 edition of December 2018
Language: French
L'année de tous les défis
The History of our B-25
Searching the crazy Grasshopper
A member wrote to us
Project B-25 : Back to BAPA
Tipsy Trainer project evolution
HM-290 project evolution
An ancestor takes off
Zögling project evolution
Slingsby T-38 Grasshopper project evolution
The Baloon Durondeau 
Debriefing of the Aero Jumble
Debriefing of the Meeting of  the "Accros du Servo" 
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