O-360 characteristics :                       

4 cylinders horizontally opposed Power : 180 hp 
Length: 78 cm
Total weight : 117 kg
Width : 85 cm Compression ratio: 8,5:1
Height : 62 cm

Bore : 130 mm  
Stroke : 111 mm

Lycoming O-360

The Lycoming O-360 is declined from the O-320 four cylinders horizontally opposed air-colled piston engine. 

This engine has been fitted on thousands of aircrafts and comprise 167 different models with 12 different prefixes. They all have the same displacement, bore and stroke. 

It is very difficult to identify our engine type due to the absence of identification plate on the engine. 

It was given by Roger Poncelet who tried it on an hydrofoil. 

Aircraft powered with a Lycoming O-360 :

Bolkow Klemm 207

Cessna 172

Mooney M20

Saab Safir

Status : complete , exhibited at the workshop
Saab Safir OO-NOR