Max Williams 29 Jeunesse (modified)
The « Jeunesse » is originally a hang-glider that could be easily be built by any aviation amateur to experiment basic flight pleasures.

The B.A.P.A. example was built by Daniel Pletinckx who was very active with aviation modelling. He modified the « Jeunesse » with a seated position for the pilot and the possibility to fit a small engine on the nose. This one was never fitted.

Flights towed behind a car were done in the Overijse, Mellery and Villers-la-Ville areas at the beginning of the seventies. 

The experience gained with these flights were used to design and built another glider called "Autopompe". The "Jeunesse" was given by Mr Pletinckx in april 2016 
Jeunesse characteristics :              

Length : 4,50 m
Wingspan : 6 m

Height : 1,52 m

Airfoil : Eiffel 33

Status : at the workshop in quite good condition. The fabric cover need to be replaced.