Collection - Light aviation

Type: Flying Flea
Model: HM14
Status: Private collection,  
            displayed at workshop
Designed by the Henri Mignet, the “Pou-du-Ciel” was the result of a long quest for a safe aeroplane that could be built quickly and cheaply by any amateur.

His first success was the HM-8, a nearly classic monoplane of which drawings and advices were diffused thanks the book he published himself.  
Type: Flying Flea
Model: HM290
Status: Flying condition
           Stored in the workshop
Type: Flying Flea
Model:  HM-290      Registration: OO-04
Status: Private collection
            Restoration workshop
After the war, Mignet redesigned the HM-290 and the drawings printed on a single sheet of paper was sold through magazines like the belgian « l’Aéronef ».

Many were built through Europe and the better known was the belgian registered OO-11 flown by Fernand Noiset nearly everywhere.
Type: Flying Flea
Model: HM 293 Adam version
Status: BAPA collection
           Uncomplete, stored at workshop 
Claude Adam from Thuin wanted to improve the design of the Pou-du-Ciel HM-293.  
He designed a new composite bodied fuselage by lowering the nose and the pilot’s position was now much more comfortable. Combined with a tricycle undercarriage, it looks now very modern.
Type: Flying Flea 
Model: Croses Airplume
Status: BAPA collection
            Stored at the workshop
The Croses “Airplume”, designed by Yves Croses, is an ULM evolution of the famous Flying Flea. It is a tandem 2 seat machine, with a fiberglass fuselage, originally sold as a kit. The “Airplume” first flew in the sixties and was developed in 3 different versions (EC-1 to EC-3). 
Model: Butterfly 
Status: Private collection
            Stored at the workshop
            pending completion
In 1979, Raymond Mossoux, engineer at SABENA, designed an ultralight glider using the tandem wings formula of Henri Mignet. This small glider, very light (28 kg) could be carried by hand if you wanted to take off by running, landing being made on a skid...
Model: Albatros
Manufacture: Aviasud
Status: BAPA collection,
           Displayed at the workshop
Aviasud was founded end 1981 by two belgians engineers : François Goethals and Bernard d’Otreppe, both experimented pilots.

The Albatros was designed in 1991 ; first as a single seater used by Bernard d’Otreppe on which he won several world records again.
Model: BD5
Manufacture: Jim Bede
Status: BAPA collection 
           Stored at the workshop
Designed by the American aircraft designer Jim Bede and introduced to the market primarily in kit form by the now-defunct Bede Aircraft Corporation in the early 1970s, the BD-5 is an attractive design that looks like a little jet fighter.